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Zero Collection for Uniqka

Jacob de Baan: “I have designed many lamps in different materials like metal and wood, but I had never before designed in leather. Kerem Aris and Merve Parnas took me to their workshop in Istanbul and asked me to design a collection of objects, such as lamps, and objects for the home. I was so excited. For me it was like playing in the kindergarten. The Zero Collection is the result of our collaboration.”

> Zero Lamp One
> Zero Lamp two

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Passion for leather

Kerem Aris and Merve Parnas have a passion for leather and create unique handmade products that are completely sustainable. Their Istanbul based brand is called Uniqka and together with Dutch designer Jacob de Baan they have created the Zero Collection first on show at Design Language during Milan Design Week 2017.

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Passion for creativity

Kerem Aris and Merve Parnas are the duo behind Uniqka. They share a passion for creativity focusing on leather. They met up with Dutch designer Jacob de Baan in Istanbul and together, they created the Zero Collection.

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Unique objects

Kerem Aris: “Uniqka” is a design brand, creating unique objects with the aim of making the world a better place. Each Uniqka product is unique because each piece of leather is unique.
Carrying forward the heritage of art and craftsmanship, Uniqka offers timeless pieces for living spaces.”
Uniqka – contributes to the circular economy.

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Merve Parnas: “We use cowhide leather from cattle that is raised in an environmental friendly way in France and Italy. It comes to us, to become eternal. We value leather because it is very precious.